Saturday, September 29, 2012


How to pick the perfect font?  Wow, that's like saying how do you pick the perfect outfit - where are you going, what will you be doing, what are your personal preferences?   Do you want to stand out, blend in, have layers?

The perfect outfit for a morning spent hiking in the Grand Canyon is so different than for a evening at an artist's reception. 

Things to consider to make your font, font-astic...

Angular, curved

Light, medium,bold

Readability- sometimes you want readability but other times the text is just a design element or a surprise that you don't want people to notice at first glance.

Which technique to use? With paint or ultra suede can use a finer font it can work. For traditional turned applique, you need mad skills for the fine lined fonts and for raw edge fused applique, tightly woven fabric, expecially if you are afraid of a little fray. Can also print text on to special inkjet sheets.  I like that with Extravorganza you have the option of layering that printed fabirc and still having your background show.  Kinda small but in the pink box there is small bit of Extravorganza

If you haven't tried the print your own fabric, give it a try - easy and no special software needed.  What ever you print on paper you can print of sheets of special prepared fabric with a paper backing you can buy, several different brands (google "inkjet fabric sheets").   Or I just heard of people using full size sheet labels to stablize fabric that then goes into the printer.

Do a little research on what feelings you get from fonts. Check out some brand logos. What fonts are they using and how do those shapes and colors make you feel?  What feeling do you want to evoke with your font?

Serious? Sad? Formal? Playful? Scared?

Gotta run, it's time for me to head to a fun class!

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