Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Series-ously on a mission! reveal

Seriously on a mission!  from Deborah Boschert's class Small Art Quilts: Designing a Series 

I am very pleased with my four-sided angular shape motif throughout the series 

top row from left to right
Mission Church                                  Raise the Flag                     Twin Towers
 bottom row
                  Eleven                      Power of 3               Home is where the weeds are...


Circles in background are repeated in the curvaceous weeds and the alien flowers roundishness.

The open frames in the Power of 3 is simple from a distance, but up close a bit more complicated... and almost too busy, but did repeats of 3 from the 3 stars, 3 french knots in the green frame and 3 orange cube shapes...

 Love, Love, Love the weaving - does have an American Lung Association thing going on in the weaving on Eleven.  Quite pleased with how the weeds along the bottom turned out!

Quite a nice surprise that the colors and style complements my family room! I realized that while sitting in this chair doing the handwork.

Totally unintentionally, the color scheme and style really go in my family room.  Seriously, goes with my mission style lamp, my $29.99 painting from Ollie's and my orange focal point wall.

next up, a glimpse into the evolution of this design and adventures in learning!

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  1. Love them Amy! Love the way you tied them all together, and the fact that they are uneven in shape and size, but they are a set. They fit so nicely in your family room, thank you for sharing your art.