Wednesday, September 26, 2012


POSSIBILITIES, these are the parts to our creativity. 
For years I would find something interesting and pick it up.  Okay, you can call it trash, but I saw possibilities, ideas and inspiration.  Like isn't this an interesting piece of metal, plastic... I am trying to be more environmentally aware, so when pirchse anything it's got some plastic or metal dohickey attached to it , and I look at it and ask myself the great question of the scientist and experimenter...

Now I'm lucky enough to have a kindred spirit who sees these possibilities.  The child of a fellow artsy friend likes to build robots and "machines" from the parts I and others collect for him.

Today, I opened an envelope and inside it was an awesome steampunk styled drawing and the words "THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PARTS" in block letters over the largest cog in the machine.
I thought I might share a photo of the image, but honestly it was a gift to me and I want to enjoy in my decadent solitude.   Plus his name is on it and I feel an obligation to preserve the privacy of kids.

I'm so inspired young artist by

  • Your most awesome machine - this physics geek loved the wires, cogs, light bulb, rotating parts! 
  • Your nice block letters - great symmetry and balance.
  • I love the artistic flair of the N that starts at the top, slides down and pokes back up to the top and lands on the ground (some call it a backwards N.) Remember that just like a Mountain that starts at the bottom and pokes up, like the letter M, the block letter N starts at the bottom, just the like you have Nothing and then starts it's pokey journey up, them down, then up!  
  • Your  kindness, I may have given you PARTS, but you gave me ART, inspiration and grattitude!  
You made my day, young artist!


Here are some pictures of what I created from rusty "PARTS" collected while on vacation

a little vinegar (well 2 bottles of vinegar!) soak, add more, let it soak, add more

I think it's call "rust printing" but it feels like dyeing.

on the topic of saving trash for an artist - I'm still open to collecting clothing labels, I used the ribbon woven style ones, and  used Shout (or Dylon) color catchers from your laundry!

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