Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boone Moon - Reveal Day 10


  • Gelatin Plate printed the negative of a fern with light green metallic paint on Paprika kona (great name for a spicy color)*!!!
  • I looked around sewing studio for suitable background fabric - auditioned a few, then boom boom boom like the moon moon moon, I looked over on the back of my sewing chair I had draped this fabric print that I bought - well I copied my friend Linda Boone who had just bought the same fabric about 10 seconds before me - and it was exactly right.  Sometimes the right solution is easy and right in front of you (or in my case, draped on the chair behind me) and all you need to do is be open to it.
  • Free Motion ZigZagged applique on using multiple passes
  • Quilted in the stem
  • Free Motion Machine quilted the background fabric using the movement in the colors to maneuver the quilting stitches

  * - These steps were done prior to 12x12x12 challenge
!!! - First time I ever did this type of thing

Probably I would have tried to match the Paprika color for the stem stitches but out of pure laziness I did not change the blue thread on machine from Day 9 quilt - and I like the effect I got by adding the color to the stem. Luck of the Laze!


  1. I love that this is very different from your normal palette. Very striking!

  2. Awesome! I like the placement of the "moon" within the square. It's nice that it falls off the edge. What a nice print with the fern! So much detail.