Friday, June 22, 2012

Life on the Edge - revelations of day 11

Screech go the tires!

After putting the first 10 days quilts up on the design wall, I sat back and took a good look.  First I was happy, enjoying my creations and then SLAM my creativity hit the proverbial brick wall. All along, I had been smart in putting away previous days quilts.  Seeing it up there didn't give me a clear canvas, an open mind or any space for creativity to fill.

My OVERTHINK started up in overdrive. After 10 days, shouldn't these last few days be utter perfection? It should be a masterpiece...
That's crazy, this is an experiment, for fun and creativity.  I still can't believe I had those thoughts. 

Overthinking got me in this rut!
STOP over thinking! 
In fact stop thinking!

In a David Allen audio program, I learned that when you are not being productive (cause you feel like a slug) you should do slug like tasks. They need to be done anyway so why use up time when your creative energy is high for those slug tasks.

So what did this slug do.... Edges! So on day 10, I went back and did a lot of edge work  First I did some creative thinking on different kind of edges.
I didn't want to invest the time to face these, I do love faced edges, but they are major time drains.  Zig Zag seemed like a mighty fine idea so off I went... Didja notice yesterday I had navy thread on the machine ....
If I hadn't been thinking of different edge types, and having done the fused wrapped edge on the Criss Cross Applesauce, I don't think I would have thought of doing the chunks of fused fabric edge that I did on the Dragon - and doesn't that edge just make the whole thing pop?

Did I beat myself up about this day's worth of progress? 
Nope, I can roll with it.  

So what about my goal of 12 quilts in 12 days?  
If I do 2 quilts tomorrow (Saturday!), I still make my goal.  

So was the day successful? 
You bet! Even more than if I had completed a quilt today! 

I've done some of these "masterpieces" in 30 minutes or less, so I know it's doable, I can do 12, but I need to stop the OVERTHINK. Today's time spent edging previous quilts was super productive, just not what I originally planned,  it got me out of the OVERTHINK trap.  Productivity is one of my goals - especially for this challenge!

Being a SLUG is not so bad!

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  1. Love the look into your thought processes. Keep slugging away!