Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lucky 12s

Do I think I am Lucky because I am; 

or am I Lucky because I think I am? 

In one week's time, the number 111 came up twice (hotel room number and visitors badge number), I picked up 2 Lucky pennies and found a ladybug flying around in the car with me. And that same moment across the country my name was drawn and I won a quilt!  Lucky huh?

I was Lucky enough to have spent the weekend at a friend's house getting my Arts and Old Lace challenge done. Until last weekend, I was dangerously close to giving up, I had started to implement my plan and was over thinking and not letting the creative process flow.  I basically had surrendered to not finishing, but somehow I packed up my supplies/designs and took those to my friend's house.  Tim Gunn's voice in my head said "Make it Work" and I feel like I hit one out of the park with my Arts and Old Lace piece!  Definitely, made it work!
The only hint I am sharing is "you know what I like..."  If you are in the Maryland, DC, Virginia area, you are invited to come join me at the opening of Arts and Old Lace at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia on July 21.  Arts and Old Lace is the younger sister of the Power Suit Challenge. My Power Suit "Cognition" is out there in the world traveling about!
So much fun to spend time in the studio!  Why did I get away from the daily art habit? I had forgotten just how much I enjoy my creative process and sometimes I need a nudge...

So here is my nudge... I've challenged myself to 12x12x12x12

I'm creating 12 simple art quilts in 12 days (12"x12" size) - I'm on day 3 and am enjoying the creative push - and I'm not over-thinking, or over-planning, and am really enjoying the play of creating something for no real reason.  I'm going to be self-directed during this process and not share about them til I am done. I'm using what I have at home, which could be altered fabric or blocks from my orphan blocks box.  I'm working fast, lots of other things going in my life these 12 days.  I've got a few going at once in several stages, as of right now, 2 are done, one in progress and another in design, plus there are some techniques in my "I want to try list" and some themes in the "hmmm list". I'm going all the way thru quilted, but am holding off on binding/ sleeve/ labeling.  I am making notes on lessons learned, experiments, hints and technique. I'll be sharing these tidbits along with photos.  I'll reveal on June 12, 2012 at 12 midnight.

Just yesterday I found another ladybug in my car - this time she was on my shoulder... hmm, what's coming my way next?

Interesting ladybug facts


  1. Yes, you absolutely made it work! (Tim Gunn would be so proud!) I can't wait for everyone to see it unveiled with the rest of the collection on July 21.

    Cyndi Souder

  2. Cyndi - can't wait til the opening! Wish you and Power Suits a great reception tonight in Orange VA! I forgot all the details I had in Cognition, that was a fun challenge.

    My 12x12x12 challenge is going great - 10/12 completed so far - interesting experience. A great jumpstart to creativity... can't wait to reveal on June 12.