Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cognition Unveiled!!!


Finally, my Power Suit Challenge quilt unveiled! 

the fine print below my quilt reads...
Inspired by mental power = cognition...  My Nerd-self focused on power, movement, force, and then a “power series” in mathematics.  Athlete-self added Power = strength = denim.  Fashionista-self = dark suits.  Cogs with French knots feature felt made from machine needlefelting 4 layers of suiting.  Tied together with the silk “Power Tie” binding and at the bottom “denim”; Cause a great pair of jeans is my power suit.  Wishing you fun from A to Z!
Amy Morusiewicz Mitchellville, Maryland

I was limited to 75 words - that was a challenge.  I feel very connected to this piece - the background is PFD that was handdyed at Southern Comforter's winter retreat.  The cogs are a result of hours on the needlefelting machine creating felt from 4 layers of the wool suiting samples.  My goal was a piece that would have visual appeal from 30 feet away, drawing you in and giving you little surprises such as the french knots in the flower/cogs and the lightning bolt embroidery.

Here's a glimpse into how my brain works...

Power Nerd
I remembered power series in my mathematics methods for physicists class (my last math class after 4 calculus classes.)  The only book from college I still have - a great memento of another time in my life - and a lovely book in teal and silver!  So the background contains selected equations and terms that were part of my life studying Physics in college.  Machines and movement, thoughts and ideas abound.

Power Athlete
Hockey? Dark grey and black circles, larger ones are closer to me, smaller as they go away - hockey pucks? During hockey practice, many pucks fly my way as a goalie with the Washington Wolves women's hockey team. 

Power Style
Denim and black - that's the powersuit of my generation.  The blue cogs are made with the plastic cover of the wool suiting samples.  The kit contained a silk tie in a beigey grey (somehow my kit knew I could use a plain tie - others artists got stripes or print ties)

Movement, strength, depth, serious and humorous...    Cognition

Oh, I need to tell you about the opening reception for the Power Suit Challenge, and that's a story for another day...

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  1. I love this piece... out of those I've seen online, this is one of my favorites!