Thursday, May 3, 2012


We all have our strengths and our "areas of improvement". Believe it or not, personal style is my blindspot.

In 1988, I mistook a comment "you look like a Charlie's Angel" to be a compliment, so out of the house I went feeling confident in a bright blue jumpsuit.

As it turns out she was trying to tell me that I looked like I just walked out of the 70's - not a fashion style that was popular in 1988. Since then I've learned how to play the game smarter.
fashion school dropout

My nature is that of an athlete: I look for ways to win; to learn the rules of the game, to use the advantages I have; to keep my opponent from seeing my weaknesses; and to train to build up my weak spots while building my strengths. As an athlete I also learn about my opponent. In this battle - it's been age, gravity and excess weight. That last one has been retreating at a rate of ~ 1 pound a week. Yeah me, another win!

In training, repetition is the key. So when I saw I had an opportunity to go back to style school, I jumped on that so I could strengthen that area. In 2007, Nancy Nix-Rice spoke at G-Street fabrics and I started to learn some of the rules. From sports I have learned the hard way to invest in my equipment.  Often the cheapest gear doesn't do the job well and then I end up replacing it with the better gear.  An initial investment can saves money in the long run. This is how I saw getting my "colors done".  This wasn't the color me beautiful one of four seasons, but colors specific to just me, based on me.

My sister, me in a wonder outfit, and Nancy Zieman...
Since 2007 my color fan is my shopping companion, sometimes I ignore its advice as the thrill of a sale feels like a win and pulls me in. Some of those sale items have been good players on my team, while others are "wonders"...
  • wonder if Mrs Roper knows I have her floral top? (and I actually sewed that one in the photo! and it seemed too revealing so I added a green t-shirt underneath)
  • wonder if my arms will grow longer so this will fit?
  • wonder what is going to match this wild print?
  • wonder what I was thinking?
I think I'm going to start calling my color fan my "Jiminy Cricket"; my conscience.  Sure makes shopping better when I can ignore all the colors not in my color fan. Far better to invest in a player that will work better with the rest of the team and let me be the star, not drawing all the attention to itself.  So it's time to draft a new team as the previous players are a little too loose and not making me my personal best.
45 and still spunky

in college and spunky

One of the ways I know I'm winning this game is to check in on my feelings. I'm feeling energetic and spunky, a feeling I remember from being young! Feeling good and looking good - which came first?

Runners are always competing with their personal best. I'm feeling like I'm back to competing with my personal best!

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