Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Naughty Inspiration

Got your attention huh?

Tis the season for sweets and treats! Winter has hit me hard with cold short days and teasing me with thoughts of creative gifts and getting the house decked out. Then reality knocks on the door and with time limits, previous commitments, and general holiday hoopla - I gotta ask where is there time for frivolous art adventures? Sometimes when you can fit it in least is when you need it most.
my nephew and neice helped me decorate my office door - what fun!

So I’m starting a new scavenger hunt – last time it was circles and out of that focus came the flower-cogs; which are really just circles with wedges cut out… so now I’m looking for squares, cubes, grids...
Why not – it turns my every day activities to opportunities for adventure where I can look for inspiration.

and for my first inspiration - chocolate... brownies... delectable and just a little bit naughty thanks to Leigh Lambert of Naughty Bits Brownies.
I was lucky enough to meet Leigh recently and whoa, what delicious treats! I got a couple six packs and one I shared with my quilt bee - cut each brownie into a 9-patch and we had our own tasting party! The second six pack I've been sharing with my husband who is a big fan of the man-catcher. My personal favorite is the Cabana Banana Boy - mmmm...

Amazing flavor combinations - you gotta check out the descriptions! yummm!!! http://www.naughtybitsbrownies.com/
For the next couple days you can get Naughty Bits Brownie gift packs at more than half off!
Go to
http://www.jasmere.com/ to see the deal. It will be featured until noon tomorrow and then be a side deal until Friday noon. Spread the word and remember all those people on your list who've been just a little bit Naughty.

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