Sunday, January 22, 2012


Life is about changing and adapting. 

If you think you can avoid change, you most likely haven't hit the big four-five.   Oh, yeah - it was way back in October, but I've been so busy changing that I couldn't write about it yet.

Partially, because I needed the changes to be real and lasting...  And yep, I didn't run a half marathon, why you ask - well cause I didn't train. I thought that signing up and paying the money, then announcing it to you all would make the difference I needed to initiate change, but no that didn't do it.

So it's not the big things that make a difference it's the little things... like water and drinking lots of it!  and big red crunchy apples!

Check out my new glasses - I haven't worn plastic frames in a long time!

This real apple reminds me so much of my fruit bowl, a year ago I has no idea how to make this, but I wanted  to so I devised a way to create fruit out of fabric and fiber - I think I was pretty successful.

So what else in life.. will I not exactly know how to do, I decide to do it and be very successful with my efforts?  We'll see!

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