Friday, November 11, 2011

Numbers Count

Happy Triple 11's today! 

Wednesday was reveal day for the 2011 challenge quilts.  Challenge was to make a quilt inspired by page 73 of a nonquilting, nonart magazine.  I checked about 73 different magazines before selecting my page 73.

Peaceful Passage
Yes, I've come full circle back around to circles!

I had fun with numbers, such as the olive branch is made up of 7 leaves, 3 of which have stems.  There are 3 blue flower-cogs (flogs, cowers?), 3 sides of quilt have facing that takes the silk right to the edge.  There are 3 double flogs, and 7 single black/grey flog shapes, 3 silver circles.  Love the juxtaposition of wool felt and silk - the only cotton is a single green line on the left edge. In Cognition (my Power Suit entry) I didn't want to admit the shape could be a flower so I denied it's graphic daisy-osity;  with Peaceful Passage, I embrace it's inner flower and gave them a little spin.

Here's my inspiration page...

I wanted to put number 73 in the quilt, but slightly hidden... do you see it now?

Saint Leigh and her son spread their wings and carried me as we embarked on a quest from to silver water  to the land of rocks to rescue my silver stallion from it's incarceration.  Yes, you guessed it my car was towed from Silver Spring to Rockville...  Leigh's sister is a great friend, Nickie (or five-cent as some of us hockey players know her), so I know one day through Nickie, our paths would have crossed, but if not for the tow I wouldn't have been inspired to add the peaceful dove and olive branch, so I guess I should say that I must say I was lucky... And I do feel lucky, overall it was a positive experience. 

I wanted to honor their kindness in my art, with both the image of the peace dove and on the backing a delicious chocolate colored fabric.   Leigh Lambert is an experiment artist as well, now I crave to experience her art and I predict that I'll be trying these brownies in my not so distant future...

The hand dyed silk was a gift from my sister, so you need sisters for Peaceful Passage.  My sister also asked what is the Chinese character means - I think it's "peace", based on the Internet - but I don't read Chinese, so it could be "soup"...

Sorry for the humorous diversion - back to math...
So I thought I would count up the parts of the quilt not including the shadow silhouette, tada! There are 33 (oh yes I counted 3 times to be sure) 

33 is 11+11+11

what an auspicious number!

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  1. I am honored to be integrated into such a beautiful expression. I particularly love the "73," very clever.
    A rocket science, quilting hockey goalie. Can't say you find one of those everyday.