Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let Go

Last fall I lost, I mean released into the universe, a valuable piece of jewelry.

What does that have to do with art?

Well, the only reason I kept a ring that had emotional ties to someone who I am lucky enough to have let go into the universe, was that is was pretty and worth money. These may not have been the best reasons. Sometimes, not making a choice is a choice- and I guess then I chose to keep it.

Lucky for me, it fell out of my purse at Arundel Mills mall. If you found it, great, it found you - keep it. After I lost it, I realized that I had no business keeping it as long as I did and was grateful for it heading out into the world without me. And I didn't regret it once I realized that it needed to go - space clearing, cleansing etc.

So in art, I need to let go of doing art that has no appeal to me right now (following others artists patterns, big bed quilts, baby quilts, what you expect when you think traditional quilt. No offense to anyone, those are pretty and valuable - but for me that is not where I am now.

So into the sew-iverse I release kiddy panels, fabric for projects I will not make and some UFOs as well.

I need to make room for inspiration and good karma. Plus having way too much doth not an experimental artist make.

Don't you wonder where this adventure will lead?

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes you need to let go of things. I look forward to what replaces this outflow...