Wednesday, November 9, 2011

GWTF- go with the flow!

Somedays you gotta go with the flow. I wake up with a plan, confident adult woman in charge of her life, but wrong I am.

Life tosses us challenges, set backs- but no, these are just opportunities to show us what's at the heart of it all.

My favorite prayer and mantra "not my will, but your will" is very appropriate. 

So this is a complicated story... so let's start it in the beginning... I think that would be with one of my first self directed art quilts "Go With the Flow" I made this for Southern Comforters Quilt Guild Challenge in 2007.   We have viewers choice awards, but I have a streak going of watching others take those awards home.  Now don't cry for me Argentina, it won a beautiful white ornate ribbon - honorable mention at Sotterly Quilt Show 2008 (which is no more) and a blue colored ribbon at my County Fair 2009. 


Challenge Quilt often have a theme - in 2007 we picked individual magazine photos from a table - I put mine on the label...  We were limited to how many fabrics we could use so I used both sides of denim to maximize my fabric - plus needlefelting silk fibers and bamboo (white).  I was so efficient with my fabric that I added some onto the label to get to 6 fabrics... I think I was limited to seven fabrics and a heart needed to be included.

I made this thinking positive thoughts for a friend who was diagnosed with reoccurring breast cancer.  She's fine now - one of the most positive and down to earth people I've ever called friend.  Oh I diverge...  Or was that meant to be?  For me creating while meditating results in a quilt that connects me to the flow, chi, energy, higher power, godliness...

Let go, let God...

and just now on TV I hear this quote...

“Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.”  Arthur Golden

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