Saturday, April 23, 2011

fun with numbers

2011 – prime number extraordinaire
if you add up eleven consecutive primes
tada! you get
2 0 1 1 

I love'm the numbers! 
Eleven, my favorite number, the only 2 digit, prime that has two of a number, tis also the first prime with a one!

I especially love the prime numbers
they are the building blocks of numbers
like  atoms are the building blocks of the universe
like thread and fabric are the building of quilts

so why this attention to the numbers?
Today is April 23
23 is the 9th of the first 11 prime numbers
Serendipitously, I started this blog on a prime number day, 17 and there are 11 primes that land on days of the month.  So for fun with numbers, why not blog on the primes? Sounds like fun!
Count on 11 posts a month or so..
cause I don't always color within the lines
often the winds of whim take me where they please!

and what am I doing on the next prime number day?

what else am I doing lately for fun?
five weeks of fun in Quilt University class
Artist ToolBox class with Lyric Kinard
just opened last night - so much fun and frivolity - no seriously it's a great chance to learn some tricks, tools, get critiques and practice

So to leave you with a question...
does art have just a few simple building blocks?
  lines, color, perspective, shades would be the building blocks of art techniques, what about just "art" not the making of it - what are the building blocks of that?
I think humanity, joy, pain, fear, and the need to communicate and the need to create might be some of the building blocks, but what do you think?

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