Wednesday, April 20, 2011


on a savenger hunt for circles treats I went to 

goodies i-found on the sale rack 

oooooh, what is in the black case???
could it be an i-toy?


no, it was empty case for the original i-pad
Bubble Case on clearance rack for 5bucks - holey shmoley!!!

but before i-could get the photo,
my Fabrico fabric markers jumped inside
and i-drove off to play with my friends

check out the circles inside
plus gotta love the name - "Hard Candy"

i-took this black and white fabric to my quilt bee...  
Misty, Karen and Anne couldn't resist it

the 4 of us colored within the lines

not 1 rule, anything goes

never more than 2 of us at a time coloring

chatting and laughing with 3 other bee-mates

 trading seats

working on other journals, sewing and knitting projects and
even a hulu hoop project

laughed some more

and ta da....

what's a better name?
i-play       or         i-color


  1. My knitting project - a shawl ... that will (hopefully) ENCIRCLE my mom by Mother's Day.

  2. $5 ipad case?!?!? where? I want one!

  3. @Anne- Office Depot's clearance rack!

    @Q-Mary - en-circle, love it! Circular needles I bet! and you sat "around" with our group. ASL for group has a circlular motion (as does family, team, class)

  4. Too much fun! Next time take a blank cloth and give everyone a black pen to start with and make your own doodles to color in and see what happens.

    I think you and I BOTH have a circle thing. They show up in my work all the time.

  5. @Kathy, yes indeedy you-play, i-play, we all play, hurrah!

    @Lyric, went back to your gallery page and circles abound! Being one of three sisters, I've always loved your "Sisters: The Shape of Love" and focused on the figurative rather than the whole of your work.

    Proves that we should look with our eyes, and really see all that is there. I think we let our minds ramble and then we either don't see what is there, or we fill in the blanks and add what we expected to see.

  6. Love love love the bright orange interior on that case! The enhanced black and white fabric is superfantastic!