Friday, April 29, 2011


On a day filled with wild hats at the royal wedding, I leave you with a scary photo -
or close your eyes right now and scroll down!

foiled again!

so why on a blog which is clearly dedicated to finding my inner artist, do I burden you with my hairdressing woes?

In finding my artistic voice, identity is key - the great question: "who am I"?

Growing up, I loved my grandma's shocking white hair, just couldn't wait for my hair to sparkle with white also. Well a few years back, I decided to stopped coloring and I cut my hair -OMG, Jaime Curtis short!!! whoa!  shocked myself, I think I fainted and woke up a few months later and went back to color!  So, now older and wiser, I will attempt again to embrace my humanity and let some of those sparkling whites grow in... The lighter hair makes for a less shocking transition. So off on an adventure of discovery. 

Go with the Flow - one of my first adventures in art quilts.  All the color except the forest green flecks, red heart and the denim words is made up of silk fibers (hand dyed silk caps) machine needlefelted into the background, which is simply the "wrong" side of the denim.  White bamboo fiber swirls about her being both her hair, the clouds, her thoughts and dreams.

My Inner Artist created "Go with the Flow", while I was distracted with emotion. Cause one of my friends (LB) who is possibly of the most positive people on earth, told me of her cancer diagnosis...(her second time and she is a survivor!)    I think my Inner Artist was telling me to embrace freedom, joy and sparkly hair.  Can you hear her whispers in this piece, is there anything my Inner Artist was saying that you can pass along to me?

I can't always hear my Inner Artist, cause her roommate in my head, the "Inner Critic"-  is such a loud mouth.  So I have given Inner Critic 30 days notice, the Inner Critic, needs to pack her bags and go, or I am evicting her!


  1. True, but I gave Inner Critic that notice weeks ago! But she wasnt going anywhere...Now I am putting her belongings on the curb. Today, I decided to put a face and name onto my inner critic - and the first face that popped to mind is Narissa from Enchanted - the cartoon version of the evil queen.
    And I love acronyms - so Inner Critic Evicted (ICE), so maybe I'll call her the ICE Queen.

  2. maybe I should dye my hair a cool color for the summer hmmmmmm

  3. @Kathy, I am thinking "purple"... that's a summery color

  4. I can so relate to the hair color! In fact I posted on my blog about it awhile back. Some day I plan to let my hair go grey again...but not yet. But I am coloring it lighter than before so that the roots aren's so shocking when they start to show. Also like your comments about the Inner Critic. We really are our own worst enemies, aren't we! I keep reminding myself that no one can tell my story except me - even if I am lacking in some of the drawing, etc., skills department!