Saturday, September 1, 2012

Small to Grand - Against All Odds! Look up, Look Down

This little flower is all alone in a strange place where concrete, brick and metal meet.  Does it worry that it's different? Does it concern itself with feelings - nope, flowers grow, bloom, and wilt in the heat... No internal struggles for it.

This flower really inspired me, growing at my auto repair shop (Rising Sun in College Park).  I love that they are letting it grow, you know there are people that would have pulled it out like it was a weed!  Funny, how it's nature that puts it there, but humans that protect it...

I'm easily inspire by nature, but some parts of nature are just undeniable.  Like the big hole in the ground that the Colorado River, change in continental plates, and erosion created in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon is undeniably grand.  We had a blast hiking the Bright Angel Trail (you can see a few hikers in the photo to the left on the path)  So inspiring and rejuvenating!  

Wish you all have the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon.  I'm looking forward to spending some time going thru the photos we took with real cameras!  This one was simply the best one of the seven I took with my iPhone.


  1. I shared this on our facebook/google+ pages, hope ya don't mind.


  2. Jeff, I appreciate your sharing my post! In fact it helps my goal of growing from 12 to 20 followers in 2012.