Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Frivolous Swivelous!

A new favorite tool (especially for cutting freezer paper stencils!)

Fiskars Fingertip Swivel Detail Knife

Gotta be the swivel
Look for the purple handle - the one with the other color handle and larger blade doesn't swivel - both have the same finger loop style.

Really good for any cutting that needs smooth curving edges - as if you were writing with a pen.  A little different in how you hold it, but I find it more natural than the pen-style exacto that has a swivel head. Allows you to cut without the natural angle most tend to use when we hold a straight pen.

Oh, yes I have 2 of these.   I could tell you that it's cause they are so good that one is not enough!  Truth is when I was doing the freezer paper stencils for days 3 & 4, I couldn't find mine and was near a craft store so just bought a second one.  As you can see the first one just wanted a friend and came out of hiding! It's is good to have one in the upstairs sewing studio and the downstairs artistic annex.

I've used for freezer paper stencils, and freehand paper cutting as well... 
Is anyone using the swivel knife to cut anything else?

Please help me and you could win something fun, frivolous and super swivelous!
What do you think? What should I call my favorite tools..."favorite tools" didn't have the  flavor of Fun From A to Z!  Maybe something something:favorite tools... any ideas on what the something something could be?
  1. Trusty Tools (alliteration but not super fun...)
  2. Terrific Tools
  3. Coolio Toolios (this might be a rap singer!)
  4. Favorite Tools
  5. Cool Tools 
  6. Fun Favorites (doesn't actually say tool)
  7. Fun Finds (same doesn't say tool)
  8. ??? do you have a better idea??? please share!

Let me know in the comments section what you think- one lucky winner to be picked on day 1 of the actual month of my birth, October 1, 2012...  vote early, vote often (especially if you have a suggestion!)


  1. I love Coolio Toolios. Why not be young and current?

  2. Using a special random number generator I will select one comment from this post as the winner...

    drum roll please!

    TA DA!

    Cheryl you are the big winner, thank you for playing, I will be emailing you to get your address!