Monday, March 12, 2012

Hand Writing Serendipity

Most basic way to get words on fabric is to take pen to fabric.
My basic advice  (clean it,  stabilize it, don't bleed on it and be loose)

- Use fabric that has been pre-washed - helps fabric adhere to stabilizer. That way you get the finish off the fabric and the ink will adhere to the fibers.

- stabilize - writing on fabric that is not stabilized is like writing on wet paper - it's just a bad idea!  So get stable! if you are going to be fusing the fabric - the fusible and the paper backing can be a great stabilizer - if not fusing then use freezer paper and iron the shiny side to the back of your fabric.  Peel it off after you are finished.

- use inks that don't bleed!  Sharpies are permanent but they leave a shadowy cast, unless you want that look.  Many folks use Pigma Pens, specifically the Micron brand.  I like the Tsukineko brand Fabrico Markers they are the same colors as the All Purpose Inks, so you can use them together.  You heat set and can layer the colors. You can see me and my friends using the Fabrico Markers in my iFun post from April 2011. 

- be loose - relax when you are writing and have fun with it!

There are many others out there using word in their art, including my friend Deborah Boschert.  She posted a blog entry and a hand writing on fabric video tutorial.

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