Sunday, September 18, 2011

Expect Excellence

What a great SAQA local chapter Parlor Meeting today! Karen Schulz's spoke about her experiences taking "intensive workshops" with Nancy Crow.

My take aways...benefits of these intensive workshops are (1) escaping the day to day reality, (2) spending the time - long days of creating and (3) being in a community of artists were part of what made the workshops effective.  These can be implemented without going away to a retreat or intense workshop.  The Internet allows us to be a community, and (1) and (2) are part of our prioritizing and investing time in our art.

Karen said that what she sees as the best aspect of this experience is that that Nancy Crow, "expects excellence" and this awakens her need for excellence in herself.  I interpreted this "expect" not as a "demand" but as a "has confidence" in your creativity.

When I look to see a sunset, I confidently anticipate beauty, I look for it, I find it, I enjoy it.
sunset in Bonaire
There is no perfection, so what if one palm branch that has broken off, does its imperfection add to the beautiful view?  I don't pick apart the view, I don't focus on the Dutch military ship coming to shore, that's one of those surprises when you look deeper.  No, I look at the sunset, absorb it, enjoy it, allow it to inspire me. 

If I wasn't expecting to see an excellent view, would I have seen it?

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