Friday, May 13, 2011

simplicity ain't so simple

if necessity is the mother of invention, what is "excess" the mother of?

A couple weeks ago I attended a great class...

Here's the question of the day - if the supply list clearly says bring 6 fat quarters and suggested 3 solids and 3 prints; so why do I show up in class with 14 solids and 20-some prints?
I love the Little Lonni's prints!

As we started, Deborah had each of us pull a slip of paper with an inspiration word. I picked...


 or maybe simplicity picked me!

picking fabrics for this class (during class)
I am naturally attracted to the cool colors, blues and greens.  So being a rebel, I picked an orange print first, a solid orange that would be good to paint on, then the yellowy green solid,the green print with gold swirls, then the mossy blah color - a few friends warned me off the mossy blah color - but I had to listen to my inner artist so I kept it!  I helped Georgia with selecting her fabrics, and she more than return the favor - check out the fabulous stripe she gave me.  Love the random red stripe!

The wise and powerful Deborah, quickly advised me to put the others away quickly! She gave me 2 good reasons 
1- Too many choices=bad, Bad, BAD - distractions!!! 
2- If I left  Lonni Rossi fabrics out, they might just disappear - I didn't really think she was serious, but in just in case I put away my other fabrics quickly!

So as the class went on, I definately learned some great techniques and am super pleased with my results - but my big takeaway is that too many choices can cause 
creative paralysis.

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  1. I'm so glad you came away with that little nugget. I really enjoyed the day too! I'm so glad YOU were there.