Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adventure to Lonni Rossi's

Lonni Rossi's  studio/shop in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, what an adventure! click here to see Cheryl's blog on this trip.  So I will just say two words about the experience - "wow,WOW"   Oh, come on, I can't resist, I must tell you more...

First off, I am extremely lucky!  I was fortunate to meet Cheryl Lynch as she was promoting her book "Quilt Fiesta!".  As program chair for my local (mostly traditional quilt guild), I hang out with some pretty cool people and make new friends.  So when I was heading to Philadelphia , I knew I needed to connect with Cheryl, a fellow scientist (she's chemistry, I'm physics) and artist, and who can resist her little dog too!

Serendipitous luck - since Cheryl is so close to Lancaster, there really are not many quilt shops near her house... so instead she thought Lonni Rossi's would be a fun artsy adventure... and she was so right! 

The work table fascinated me.  Cheryl on the left and Lonni's assistant are pointing at the lamp behind me, whose designer commissioned this custom silk screened silk on table.

We spent a fabulous 90 minutes chatting, looking, touching fabric, hearing her story, getting previews of upcoming fabric lines, seeing works in progress and the work table... oh the work table - just like the kid that plays with the box instead of the gift  - I was awestruck by the messy beauty of the canvas work surface. 
close up of the canvas cover on the work table - some of the paint seeps through the fabric and creates a wild beauty

"scraps by the pound"

what else did I get, you ask.... well you saw the contents of the bag "scraps by the pound", plus I couldn't resist the Little Lonni's... and a fat quarter of hand silk screened silk and a 1/3 of a yard of silkscreen on a "blender" fabric. 
Fat Quarters of Little Lonni's, by color combinations

hand printed silk (blue green plaid top) and hand printed commercially available fabrics

so where is my photo of Lonni? -  I was too distracted by fabric to remember to get that photo! but here is one of her right arm leaning on the work table.

Can't wait to see this fabric in shops, and know that we saw it before it was publicly available

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