Friday, March 8, 2013

Houston, here I come!!!

What a day!

One of my two submissions got accepted into Studio Art Quilt Associates Text Messages exhibit. I promise I will post that photo after the exhibit opens October 31, 2013 - with me standing next to it!!!

I am doing the happy dance tonight!  I had a goal written in my studio to have a quilt hanging at the Houston quilt show.  My quilt will be hanging in International Quilt Festival Houston 2013 and then it will continue to travel with the exhibit til 2015. 
  • International Quilt Festival - Houston, Texas, October 31 - November 4, 2013
  • International Quilt Festival - Cincinnati, Ohio, April 4  -6, 2014
  • International Quilt Festival - Long Beach, California, July 2014

And the joy of the timing!  I submitted two entries to the Text Message exhibit and much like the Highlander, there can be only one... so the other by default had to get rejected, or as I prefer to say be "not accepted".  The rules allowed us to submit up to three entries for the same fee, but only one quilt could be accepted.  Since I was notified of the "not acceptance" today and the Sacred Threads entry closes tomorrow, I was able to resurrect it as my second entry into Sacred Threads. 

Of course, I'm not posting those photos or jinxing that entry!  Below is Cognition that got my gears spinning and started me on these adventures in 2011.

This is has been an exciting day for me! Tomorrow, I will get to visit Cognition, which travels as part of the Power Suit Challenge as I go to the gallery talk by Cyndi Souder at the Del Ray Artisans in Alexandria, Virginia.

And did I mention that recently I accepted the offer to serve as one of the co-representative for the Studio Art Quilt Associates for the region of Maryland, DC and West Virginia?  Here is my very official photo...

Quite a transformational journey for me.  I think I got powerful from the Power Suit challenge, it the first step of a thousand mile journey... (well 1400 miles to Houston to be more accurate)




a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step