Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lucky 13's - treasures found

Happy January 13! Thinking of luck and one of my favorite quotes "no fate but what we make", why not have 13's be lucky?

So far in 2013, I've been lucky enough to find 2 of my favorite tools that were lost!  They were hanging out together in a crossstitch kit, that obviously I had not been working on recently.

Funny these two tools had a few things in common that I wouldn't have thought of if they weren't found together.  Both came from "Falls", Omstead Falls and Great Falls, both from really unique quilt shops, and both were splurges.  If you ever have the chance to visit Abigayale's Quiltery in Omstead Falls, Ohio or Jinny Beyer's in Great Falls, Virginia, enjoy the adventure!

Several years ago traveling to Cleveland area for work, I happened to find Abigayle's.  I was in sewing withdrawal and the ladies working there were beyond friendly and welcoming.  I started up a handsewing project so I could sew on the go, and picked up my Roxanne open ended thimble - it allows you to have a longer nail and the thimble stays right where it should on the pad of the finger.  Abigayle's in is an old Victorian house, each room held different treasures: a room for the threads, another for novelty prints, then the flannels, etc.  In one of the upstairs rooms I found scraps by the ounce - a giant barrel of scraps, you pick out the ones you want and they get weighed at the checkout - kinda fun to dig thru a barrel of scraps!

Jinny Beyer's shop did not involve any digging thru barrels!  Jinny's shop has a museum quality to it, there is an awe I experience in seeing the precision and handwork of her quilts.  There is a genuine beautifulness to the display cases of the handsewing tools (including a pair of Dovo folding scissors, that came home with me).  I love the colors of the Palette Collection, and of course the border prints!  I went to Jinny's with a few of my quilt bee-mates, made a day of the adventure including lunch.  Food, friends and fabric: key ingredients in a fun adventure.

I love these two tools, not just cause they are great tools, but together they have remind me of these adventures - one I experienced alone and the other with friends.  Now having found them together, it adds to their history.  So I'm saying it aloud,  "I'm lucky to have misplaced them!"  It allowed me remember these stories and share them with you!  Plus, these tools came back to me at a time, when I am ready to spend more time on my handwork. 

Gotta say that was lucky!

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