Sunday, December 2, 2012

Slightly Irregular

I remember a great Erma Bombeck story of her finding a pair of irregular pantyhose that had only one leg... So in my never ending attempts to save money and waste time; I mean when I shop at the overstocks, factory seconds stores - I know I am embarking on an adventures in the slightly irregular world...

Kinda bummed that my favorite bed quilt would no longer fit, since we upsized to a King Bed, time for new bedding.

Wow - what a difference with lighter haircolor and lighter weight, I barely recognize myself from March 2011!  But on the topic of color - yes, indeed that ribbon is blue - first place!

Odd fact - the Brits consider the bed to be part of "bedding" - so in England I would say, I bought new bedding so I needed to get new bedding?

So I adventure off to the Marshalls to see what I could see... to see what I could see...   I know you Girl Scouts are now humming "The Bear Went Over the Mountain"!

At Marshalls, I found a Eddie Bauer Down Alternative Comforter, clearly labelled washable - Yippee! Comforter was plain in a very soft grey, but I intended to cover it  so it didn't have to be fancy. At 69 bucks, was not quite cheap.  At a different Marshalls found a nice gold (not metallic) King Duvet Cover set that was advertised as including the duvet cover and 2 king pillowcases (20 smackers - pretty darn good).  Then at HomeGoods, in the clearance section, unearthed a Ralph Laurent bed skirt jumbled in a bag, clearly for a big bed, but didn't list the size so could be queen or king - I knew it was a gamble but a $7 risk I was willing to take!  Plus, if it was queen, it could be used in the guest room. The blue wavy lines would work with my favorite quilt and my guest room would be fantastic!

The big day was yesterday, the bed arrived.  Oh yes, the metal frame that we thought was adjustable to King Size, was NOT... so 2 hours before the bed arrived, we are off buying a frame!  Got it, bed got delivered... TA-DA!  The bed skirt was a winner and fit the king bed!  Dressed the bed with new freshly washed sheets... Opened the duvet cover package (Plan was to wash it, if it worked for me, but visual-me wanted to see before deciding)... there were 2 pillow cases, then it seemed the duvet was in 2 pieces and one featured elastic much like a fitted sheet... AH-HA this is not a 20 dollar duvet cover - no this is a 20 dollar sheet set - still not a bad price - except it's QUEEN size!!! So I thought, I can put the plain comforter out and later go find or make a duvet cover... well, as I opened the alleged Eddie Bauer Down Alternative, it was labeled "Down" on a very wrinkly, used looking "Not to be removed" tag... then I see that it's not a soft light grey, it's a used comforter - SO GROSS!!!Sorry to have to gross you out too.  Thank goodness I wanted to see what a duvet/comforter looked like or I would have washed both parts first and not been as sure that is was used... it was still Down so I wouldn't have been able to keep it.  

Returning items to Marshalls at the height of holidays shopping was an adventure of it's own - even including back and forth with the cashier and a "not the store manager, but a floor coordinator or some other weird title" who said to me that it's highly irregular for one person to return two things that have problems.  Oh yeah, I had been honest and told them everything I've told you - but I was a little more specific at the store as to why it looked used... I returned these at the specific store where the used item came from.  Not a fun experience, but I did get my money back.  AND seriously when shopping at Marshalls, it's not that irregular to find an irregular!  So next time I shop at one of my favorite stores, REI or Nordstrom's that have higher prices, better customer service and amazing returns policies, I will gladly pay the price in money not pay it in time wasted and frustration experienced.

Okay so back to the bed... A friend pointed out that I could turn my favorite quilt sideways on the King and it might work - and it did!  Plus I had an all-white quilt that we used on the queen that allowed for a generous pillow tuck - and voila - it worked great sideways as well.

So after all these adventures, I get to keep the my fun Underwater quilt in our room, and have a spiffy new bed skirt to go with is and funny story - what more could I want?

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