Monday, October 29, 2012

Bucket List - Radical Elements!

Submitted my portfolio registration for the SAQA Radical Elements exhibit!

A first - my very first ever entry to a SAQA exhibit - and my first ever portfolio entry - they select based on views of artist's work, then artists make something specifically for that exhibit...

AND (happy geek artist dance)...
the theme is the Elements of the Periodic Table - how could I not enter this exhibit! 

Leaping into the 47th year of my life, and I'm artist number 47 to enter!  

Okay, Hurricane Sandy - you can take the electric from my home, because my entry has been submitted! Below are my 3 quilts and closeups!
Cognition, currently traveling with the Power Suit Challenge

Chantilly Lace - currently traveling with the Arts and Old Lace Challenge

Try-angle Trees and Cutting Tool Clouds, currently on exhibit in my powder room


Bet you are wondering which elements that I picked as my favorites!


  1. Good luck! That is a nice, cohesive collection.

    1. Thanks! I've got a great list of goals for the next few months, hope I get to add a Radical Element quilt to that list!

  2. You go girl! You certainly have the talent. My favorite piece is Cognition. Did you create the background?

  3. Thanks Cheryl! I did indeed create the background for Cognition (and it's a personal favorite of mine!) It's a handdyed (by my hand) background with Fabrico marker equations. Can't believe that was a year ago! More details on the way my mind works in Cognition Unveiled.

  4. I'd definitely appreciate if you share a link to other resources that carry info on this subject if you know some.