Friday, September 21, 2012

Goals - time to stop blocking them

Fall is sneaking up on us, with promises of a new year. 
My thought turn to goals, dreams and aspirations. 

Goals - I should be an expert on this!
Why not, I've spent time in goals, I've blocked them, dove on them, let them in (disappointingly) but rarely made them.  I'm talking sports of course, favoring defensive positions in field hockey, indoor field hockey, camogie, and ice hockey where I really was protecting the goal.

In sports, art and life, I blend a certain amount of skill, single-minded focus, full field awareness, practice, with a smidgen of reckless abandon, love of the game and plain old joy!

Here I am with the Washington Wolves, March 2012.  
I wish the team a fabulous 2012-2013 season. 

With certain sadness, I stopped playing the beautiful game of ice hockey goalie, which is a really different game than just ice hockey!  The experiences and memories, I keep forever.  The garage full of sweaty gear spread out to dry, yeah that part I don't miss! Funny that the game of my life, was very lopsided - 10-1 against a team from Montreal.  We were so overmatched and mesmerized by their skill.  I swear there must have been over 70 shots on goal that day! Our team scored the only goal against them that tournament.

Sometimes the score says you lose, but inside you know you won!

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