Saturday, June 11, 2011


an easy math problem...

math problem
if two friends live 3hrs apart and each drive toward a central meeting place (say a quilt show), when one friend has driven  45minutes, and realizes that her wallet is at home, and the quilt show has an $8 admission fee, how do you solve this problem

you need to take into consideration the "friend factor" (ff), and then implement the "humility derivative" (hd), and subtract the "Shopping Bug", and roll with the punches!
So this adventure to the Quilters Unlimited was an experience. 

But that definately does not mean that you don't end up enjoying what you get!

Music to my ears, in"addition" my internet access has been restored!  So onward and upward - problems  solved!

I still didn't come home empty handed! More on this tomorrow!

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