Saturday, May 7, 2011


Curiosity about the circle-osity?
In looking for my artistic voice and creative identity - I pondered what are symbols that resonate with me... Circles and clocks, and circular clocks - came to mind immediately. 

collage 1 - with 14 clocks and over 30 circles
In the last 10 years I created an inspiration collage, and learned consciously that I like circles and clocks more than I realized. I did the collage as an exercise from the Artists Way.  (create a collage of items that reflect your life or interests, with 10 magazines and 20 minutes to select images.) 

I did the exercise again a couple years later - collage 2 .  This time I covered the poster board completely, added in much more color, far fewer clocks and circles (but they are still present) and included many more words.  
collage 2
I think both collages are energetic and fun... So maybe fun and energy is part of my artistic voice.

Much like when I am scuba diving and scanning the watery environment for fish and other creatures, now I scan my day to day life for circles.  I see more than just circles, it's training me to really look at the world around me and not just coast on auto pilot.

I leave you with the wise words of  the great philosopher of baseball:
Yogi Berra....
"you can see a lot, just by observing"

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