Once upon a time

in a land up high in the air, a tiny artist came into this world.  Surrounding her in those early years, were various magical beings
  • beauty, artist, imaginative creator, linguist, and professor
  • athlete, outdoorsman, scientist, mr. fix-it, joke teller and also a professor
  • seamstress, designer and storyteller
  • lover of the written word
  • plus so many more
After several years two more tiny artists joined her on her journey, they travelled into imaginary lands. I can still hear the horse hooves - pa-ka-tan, pa-ka-tan echoing in my memories.
During many reunions along the banks of a river filled with colorful fish, they learning acting, advertising, humor, ultimately making a splash, setting off on many adventures and loudly declaring that in life

"we have the right" to laugh, learn and love...