a litle about me...

My favorites from A to Z
artist - Claude Monet
books -nonfiction - Night by Elie Weisel;
           fiction - Timeline by Micheal Crichton
Cinderella story - any variety of Cinderella
drink - bubbly water
energy - kinetic energy
flower - daffodil
game - baseball
Hawaiian word - Mahalo
ice cream - Baskin Robbin's mint chocolate chip
jam- apricot
king - Arthur
league - National League, pitcher bat, old school
mythology - all myths!!!
number -
Opi Nail Polish Color - Bogata Blackberry
prime number - 11
question - what if?
rose - Peace Rose
shape - circle
tropical fruit - mango
underwater experience - scuba with sea turtles
vowel - "sometimes y"
word - serendipity
x- the one that marks the spot
Yoda quote - "Do or do not... there is no try"
zest - lemon

My Philosophy -
Cogito Ergo Fun - I think, therefore, we should have fun!
Cogito Ergo Sum

Some questions from you my art friends...

How are you able to create all that you do while working full time?
- Thanks, I don't feel like I create as much as I would like.  But I don't have any kids at home, I mostly ignore my garden (except every couple years I plant a few perennials) and I have a very patient and independent husband who enjoys sandwiches and FFY dinners (fend for yourself!) those 3 facts are big time savers, plus I'm a big multi-tasker, so I make the most of my free time. You might find me watching a baseball game while doing handwork.

Have you always been artistic? Or is it something you started exploring later in life?
- As a kid, I thought I was doodling, but now I know I was practiced my echo quilting.  I grew up thinking I was the athlete, my one sister the fashionista, and the other the artist.  My art-ucation ended with high school art class.  But I did love sewing, always have... Early memories include sewing doll clothes.  I know at 11, I was sewing by machine.  So, I've always been artistic, but I'm still coming to terms with the the label "artist".  

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